So: Mr Ma or President Ma?

Tomorrow, the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait (ARATS) Chairman Chen Yunlin will arrive in Taiwan.

The big question is to know if he will meet as scheduled the head of Taiwan on Thursday and if yes, how will he address to him: using “Mr” as offered (sic) by Ma himself or “President”.

During an interview with a radio station, the president vowed to protect Taiwan’s sovereignty, joking that he hoped he would be called “president” (HERE).

I didn’t know it could be a matter of joke…

Anyway, my guess is that for some reasons, this question will not be a problem because it won’t have any meeting between Chen and Ma at all.

So both of them will save their face…

We will see 🙂


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6 Responses

  1. Good guess! He’s that kind of person prefers to take a detour if there’s any sign of trouble. So much for a Harvard graduate….eh?

  2. About him, we could even add as Shakespeare would: “So Much Ado for Nothing”


  3. hi thanks for the visit to my blog…meanwhile i added u in my blog roll ..i think u will return back the favor!!!

  4. Just did it Rajesh 🙂

  5. one day passed after china offical leader chen coming taiwan. being a tax payer I am so angry about the whole thing. police men attck our own peole who don’t against any laws because they are waving R.O.C flags trying to express their opinion in taiwan.

    do the president ma try to meet any consensus inside taiwan about letting china offical coming to taiwan?
    Absolutly not
    now kmt charge dpp as a violent party kmt try to tell international press that dpp is a violent party as well as dpp’s supportors.

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