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Last week was a quite busy one for me, and this week end, I am playing Cinderella, cleaning the house, laundering, ironing… AARRGGHHHH….

A lot of local news about the events concerning the visit in Tainan of the Chinese Zhang Mingqing and the kind of violence…

I disagree of course with any kind of violence, even soft one.

But anyway, when others were victims of violence (much more stronger), the cabinet needed a long time to react (I am thinking for example about the former envoy in Japan).

For the case involving the Chinese, the reaction was very fast, same from the Justice, prosecutors requesting 6 to 14 months against some people involved in the shouting, including a 70-years-old accused of using his crutch against the car of the Chinese…

It seems that it is better to act against pro-Taiwan people than against Chinese…

Time is changing… Very fast…

Even the Taipei Chinese Orchestra (TCO) is playing the theme song of a Chinese musical, Red Guards of Lake Hong, with lyrics praising the CCP and express Chinese fishermen’s gratitude to the communist party (HERE).

Yes… Time is changing…



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2 Responses

  1. Any kind of violence should be eliminated…in india, tamilnadu state protesting againts the war held in srilanka where they killing the innocent tamil people…. i wish them they would get the peace soon….

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