Taiwan: High Speed Train and Price: What is the Problem?

In today Taipei Times (HERE), we have a paper about the new discriminant price policy for the High Speed Train: you are traveling during peak hours so you will pay a higher price than if you decided to travel during non-peak hours.

It seems to create a big buzz here.

But it is a totally logical decision.

This kind of system exists since a long time in Europe and everyone is happy.

According the paper, it seems that people here will be unsatisfied because if they travel during peak hours, they will spend more money.

If it is really the case, that will be stupid.

I don’t think so I need to elaborate, right?


But I feel a little bit confused with what the Director-General of the Bureau of High Speed Rail Pang Chia-hua said: he said that if you reserve unreserved seats, you could have a different price too according the time.

But… I thought that if you take the high speed train, you must have a reserved seat.

Am I wrong?

Until now, each time I bought a ticket, it was the case…


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3 Responses

  1. ah, my darling, they also have so called non-reserved seats. that is you only buy for the ticket and wait for your luck. if there is a seat available on the next coming train, you can get on and get the seat. if not, you will have to wait for the next train. tickets for such seats are cheaper, not sure if you can ‘reserve’ such tickets though. certainly you can buy such tickets at the stations, both from the booths and the machine.

  2. ok this i don’t understand:
    “Pang also said that some rail passengers may feel inconvenienced when the system changes.”
    any passenger would feel inconvenienced for paying less???!!!
    sorry, i am totally up for it and i don’t hear any complain when the supplier cuts down the price to the buyer.
    so this Pang guy is one of my government officials???

  3. Thanks Jo for the info. But I still believe that this kind of ticket is ridiculous…

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