Computer for Children?

Here is a picture from today Taipei Times (HERE):

This picture (from CNA) also includes this legend:

Children use a notebook computer designed for children at a public welfare activity organized by C-Media Electronics and Intel in Taipei yesterday. Organizers said they hope the Kuro Kids model, the first laptop specially designed for children, will help spur the digitalization of children’s education.

I don’t see any big difference concerning the hardware, with a normal notebook.

Moreover, how to adapt the hardware to a child, especially the child been able to key in on a normal keyboard?

Of course, I suppose that in fact, the newspaper was mentioning about special software with the target to make the use of computer easier for children.

The problem for kids is not the hardware but the interface, in another word, software.

If I am correct, and if these software is really helpful, why using the title (see above): “New Toy”?

Obviously the reporter is wrong about something… Or do I?

If I am not, he should be more precise…

Maybe I am shaving eggs 🙂

What do you think?


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3 Responses

  1. Children with computers…!Its great to hear..Hi this s rocky and this is my blog..Jus drop a visit when u re free….

  2. for me, it’s obviously just those big companies trying to find another big hit for their slowing down business. personally, don’t see the necessity for such a “toy”. children these days have ENOUGH toys. But what they really need is the human touch and care, especially from the PARENTS!!!
    Don’t just give your child some toy and ask him/her to leave you alone. If you want just that, get a dog!

  3. For me, it’s helpful and useful. Coz it’s not just a notebook, a new toy. The contents inside , can be a new way for teaching young kids. English is not the first langauge for my kids. So how to provide a better way to learn…and willing to learn. They need to be inspired in different ways. …that’s what i think..

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