River Rifting in Hualien

After watching dolphins in the ocean, we went the next day to river rifting.

Very nice  and professional service from “peace-diving” company, the oldest one for this kind of activities according what I understood. They sent a SUV to pick up us at the hotel.

You can contact them at peace.diving@msa.hinet.net or by phone at 03-8326444.

There are 4 levels in river rifting in Taiwan: A, B, C and D. Form the easier to the most complicate run.

We were assigned to the level B.

Being the first time for me (and Queen D), I was wondering if we could do it, especially I am scared by the height (vertigo disease even though I did everything to cure it, such as bungee or sky diving).

To go to that river, we need to apply for a license (authorization from the authorities) and insurance.

We were a small group: 7 people plus 2 coaches.

Here is the first step: one of the coaches is explaining the securities rules.

The good point is that if we do not want to do something (because scared), we don’t need to.

Queen D and me did everything 🙂

But it doesn’t mean we were not worrying…


Here is the first target. We are supposed to climb from the right hand side, using ropes. You can see it on the right hand side of the picture:

Before using the rope: obviously all of us is wondering what we are doing here 🙂


First shower time after all of us climbed the rock.

First lesson, using our body to make a circle:


Other exercise: learn how to slide after jumping:

Same from another spot:

Going upward. Water is not so deep, but the power of the water is very strong:

Passing the point:

Same… You can guess the water power:

I am going above…


We are learning how to slide in the water, using its power, and (not obvious in the picture) supposed to avoid the rocks and hurt our body:

My turn:

Relax time after some efforts:

We are going to the next spot:

See how it’s beautiful and beside, that the direction we are going to 🙂

I am carrying Queen D, following the water current:

We arrived and one of the coaches is stopping us:


I don’t even remember how we succeeded to climb on this rock:

Same for this one, see the power of the water…

Next step, we have to climb. The coach is helping the teen up to the top:

My turn. Even I am scared about height, I did it alone:

Relax time after efforts. Relax? Are you sure? See the position 🙂


Second shower time with Queen D:


I was under the fall and I needed to fight against the power of it to stay straight:


That the place we are supposed to jump:

I jumped…

After… But not so much problems, just about 3 meters only:

Here was another story: about 6 meters…

Jump or not… That is the question… But coaches were very nice and never force people who didn’t want to:


Not in the picture but I stayed in the fall… Whoah…


I jumped…



Really, it was a great experience and Queen D and me will go back there to try the C level.

Because we don’t use to do this kind of exercise, our muscles felt sour during several days 🙂

But it was worthy!

Taiwan is a soooooo Beautiful country!

Viva Taiwan!


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6 Responses

  1. I can’t wait to go back there! It is so fun! ^____^

  2. Me too my Queen 🙂

  3. i like to go there ….anytimes in my life

  4. Welcome Rajesh 🙂

  5. Looks like a lot of fun!!!
    I will try myself someday, too.

  6. Sure Jo, you should! It’s wonderful 🙂

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