Hotel Experience in Hualien

I do believe you know all the story about tourism in Taiwan and the fact that “they” put all their effort and money to attract Chinese tourists, even though China is far to be ready to increase its quota of visitors (still limited to 1,000 per day, compare to the 3,000 authorized by Taiwan and the real figure: less than 300 Chinese visitors per day since the opening of the direct charter flights).

I don’t want to repeat my point of view about this story, especially you already read it in some of my previous posts.

Today, I will give you my experience in an hotel in Hualien.

Queen D and me went there during the Double Ten week end, to enjoy dolphins and river rifting.

Even though we book in advance, all hotels were full but we still succeeded to book a room in the “President Hotel”, located roughly 10 minutes by taxi to the train station.

It a business hotel charging about 1,800 TWD per night (must be paid in advance…).

I never saw an hotel like that in Taiwan.

Firstly, the room is incredibly small: 2 people can’t walk side by side in this room. Have a look with this picture taken from the entrance door:

Secondly, no way to plug any device (phone charger…) wherever, room or bathroom.

The only one solution is to remove a big water dispenser (which anyway was empty (!)

No fridge.

Except a small lamp above the bed (see the above picture), all others lamps in the bedroom were out of order…

Beside (see below), the control panel above the bed was broken (even in Bagdad we don’t see that):

So we called the reception.

They brought new bulbs… And ASKED me to change it! Can you believe that?

Anyway, the problem didn’t come from the bulbs.

So they called the maintenance service.

He stayed on the bed making all the set dirty as hell. See (look at his feet):

So we called again the reception to bring a full new bed set.

They only brought a bed sheet. No cover and nothing for the pillows.

So we requested one.

Then, believe it or not, the woman asked us to make the bed.

At that stage, I exploded.

Finally, the woman made the bed. But obviously, it’s not her job and the result was a mess. But at least, it was clean.

Wait, it’s not finished yet.

No way to turn of the lights. So I have to take out all the bulbs to be able to sleep…

The plastic cover of the bed head was in bad shape:

Have a look on the wardrobe:


What do you want to hang there except clothes for a doll?

And obviously, they don’t use to clean the room. Dust everywhere and see the carpet: never cleaned for years:


One more thing: no sleepers.

I had to request it. They “forgot” and brought it later…

Hualien is a tourist area.

That is the kind of hotel the government wants to attract tourists with?

I don’t want to add anything more…

It’s a real shame!


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5 Responses

  1. I feel shame for that. I stayed in Japan several times, the hotel room is as small as this but it is always clean and comfortable. Because no choice we have to stay there and I didn’t sleep well during the stay, I wonder we should stay on street is better than there!

  2. Oh,by the way it is “slippers” not “sleepers”.

  3. Oops…
    Seems I was sleeping during the post 🙂

  4. well, i love camping.. take a tent next time! 🙂 cheaper, faster, and much much safer!

  5. Camping could be an idea Dan… But not necessarily cheaper if you include the fees for the location etc…
    Beside, I am not a fan of camping…Water problem etc…

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