Dolphins in Hualien

During the Double Ten week end, Queen D and me went to Hualien.

Even though the hotel was a disaster (see the previous post), the rest of the stay was really great.

First, we went to the ocean, to watch dolphins.

That’s the boat we used:

From the top front of the boat, when we were leaving the port:

Queen D enjoying the front position:

And me on my way to take a seat on the front side:

A resident:

The weather was great, almost no waves. Here is a view of Taiwan coast from the ocean. Obviously, it was raining in the mountains:

Enjoy the dolphins:


It took about a big 2 hours.

Really great!

Peace Sign


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5 Responses

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  2. Have you ever seen a dolphin wearing my sunglasses?

  3. @ Rajesh, I will 🙂

    @ Debi: yes I just received an email from the dolphin which get your sunglasses. It loves it but it is not very happy because it has to ask to a crab to adjust the glasses. It costs a lot of money (fish)… Maybe it will complain to you 🙂

  4. tell him send me a receipt!

  5. hi friend, i have put u in my blogroll….
    Be visiting and i will return my favor for u


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