About My Watch

Because of some reasons (a too long story to explain here), I needed to buy a new watch.

Given the fact that my priorities list doesn’t include the purchase of any watch, I was looking for a simple one, such as Seiko, not expensive, the time that my priorities list allows me to choose a better brand.

Queen D and me went around NTU in Taipei (a reasonable place for shopping) and finally (even though we didn’t have so much time, we stay a while in a watch shop) we bought a brand I never heard about before (other brands didn’t fit my needs).

This brand is Junkers.

Curious, I checked on Internet and I discovered that Junkers is a German brand (so we do not pronounce the “j”).

It was a very famous aircraft constructor in the first half of the twentieth century.

With enormous advances in air travel during the 1920’s and 30’s, there was practically no airline worldwide without Junkers aircraft.

The German company POINTtec produces since a long time, Junkers aviation design wristwatches and they are popular collector items. Each watch has an edition number and the Junkers aero plane symbol engraved on the stainless steel base.

So it seems that finally, I got a very good watch even if it was not my first target.

Anyway, even when I was buying expensive watches, I never followed the trend or fashion. When I bought my Breitling several years ago, this brand was merely known. But after few years, it became a very expensive collector.

Here is it:


It is a Junkers JU 52 (named after one of the aircrafts) using for the movement, the Poljot P3133, 23 Jewels.

I also discovered that since 2007, Junkers uses in many 3133 chronos the new gilded movements with blued screws and Geneva polish (as the first and only watchmaker so far !) .

It’s a mechanical chronograph (43 hours reserve), with a sapphire glass, handmade leatherband, titanium laminated dial, a screwed glassback and 5ATM water resistant.

Because this brand is (except for some professionals) merely known, the selling price was very reasonable (plus we got a discount after bargaining). Obviously, even the shopkeeper didn’t know so much about this brand.

It seems that the manufacturer doesn’t rely on marketing but on word of mouth…

And according what I read on Internet, this brand is on its way to be famous.

So if you need a new watch, very reliable, hurry because very soon, its price won’t be so attractive.


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3 Responses

  1. nice watch 😉

  2. It is simple,brief and classic. match you very much!

  3. Thank you Jo 🙂

    Thank you my Queen. So sweet

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