Taiwan and Tourism

Taiwan is Asia’s best tourist destination according the Minister of Transportation and Communications Mao Chi-kuo on Monday (See HERE).

Taiwan is a very beautiful country.

No doubt.

But obviously the structure supposed to welcome tourists is far to be good enough.

I went to Hualien during the Double Ten vacation (river rifting – I will post about it later, with pictures – sorry so busy with all the work in my academia activity). Because everything was full (even though we booked almost 2 weeks in advance) we stayed in a "business" hotel.

In all my life, I never saw an hotel like that in Taiwan.

I will this week make an official complain.

I will make a post later this week too, about this hotel and the story and of course with pictures.

Beside the director-general of the Tourism Bureau, actually in China, plans to achieve 20,000 Chinese visitors per month (see HERE).

This director is traveling there with executives PLUS more than 100 travel agencies from around Taiwan.

Obviously, they tried to justify the million and million TWD spent for this project (thanks to the new President).

Taiwan announced 3,000 visitors per day (China only authorized 1,000…) and roughly now, Taiwan has around 4,000 visitors from China per month…

It is soooooo ridiculous….

But at least, they have vacations in China 🙂

To say they are the best is not enough…

They have to prove it…

And why only consider Chinese tourists?

Until now, money came from other countries…

But for "them", only Chinese tourists are important…


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  1. funny thing about the tourism in Taiwan is those policy-makers have no idea about traveling or tourism. I bet even a foreigner like you(in fact, foreigners in Taiwan usually travel to more places than the locals) has been to more places in Taiwan than the guy who said “Taiwan is the best travel destination in Asia”. So what kind of policy do you expect from a person who has no idea what he is talking about?
    To tell the truth, I have no trust with this government anymore and don’t believe a thing they say. Say whatever they like and let’s just wait and see what’s gonna happen.

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