Taiwan: Is the Tourism Bureau Wasting its Money?

According yesterday CNA news (HERE), Tourism Bureau Director-General Janice Lai will head a delegation to China later this month, where it will hold seminars to give potential Chinese visitors a better understanding of Taiwan’s tourism environment.

This delegation includes 200 Taiwanese travel service representatives.

Wait, it’s not finished yet…

Tourism Bureau Deputy Director-General Hsieh Wei-chun will separately head a delegation to establish a Taiwan pavilion at a four-day travel fair which is scheduled to open Nov. 20 in Shanghai, according to Lai…

Those two moves (among so many others) involve a lot of money and I don’t know who will really pay. Maybe the cost of the first mentioned delegation will be shared with travel agencies…

But anyway…

What I understood is that the main problem comes from China side: only few Chinese agencies are authorized to handle tours in Taiwan and administrative paper works look to even reduce the number of potential Chinese visitors.

So it won’t be tomorrow that the target of 3,000 daily visitors will be achieved.

Therefore, what is the point to put so much money and energy on that matter?

Sure, if the point is to get some nice vacations in China…

Why not put these money and energy on moves to attract other foreign tourists?

Maybe it’s a stupid question…

Maybe they have their own good reasons.

And of course, Taiwanese don’t need to worry. “They” know how to handle key matters.

See how “they” are so good in crisis management. See how the Chinese products matter was handled. See how the economic situation is handled.


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2 Responses

  1. Why not put these money and energy on moves to attract other foreign tourists?
    A: because they have printed so many brochures in Simplified Chinese and they have to use them one way or another.

    In fact, now it is perfect timing to promote tourism in China since the Chinese need safe milk powder and food. I saw it on the news saying during the weekend, a lot of Chinese went to HK to buy milk powder. so why not Taiwan?

  2. 🙂

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