Taiwan: Vice-President and the Economy

According the today Taipei Times (HERE), the Vice-President Vincent Siew said:

Taiwan’s economy is fundamentally sound despite the global economic crisis, although declining confidence is a problem…”

Taiwan’s economy consists [of] the sound foundation of the manufacturing and service industries


It’s not what I remember he used to say during his campaign…

And I don’t remember it was the reason he was elected with the President…

But maybe I am wrong…



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2 Responses

  1. Taiwanese short-term memory lah
    These politicians say whatever is good for them
    truth and facts are never the issue
    and this Siew thinks that he led Taiwan through the financial crisis in the 80s
    now he is again going to lead Taiwan through another
    i truly hope he is capable of…
    but you know what they say about the old dogs…
    they have only old tricks

  2. Right Jo 🙂

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