Chinese National Day and Scandals

Since a while, we have scandals involving food or products form China: pet food (with melamine… already), milk powder, toys, furniture (few days ago in France), shoes (same, just few days ago in Italy) and so on…

I don’t need to mention other scandals such as local politician involved in dozen (hundred?) dead because corruption (see the recent story (stories) about the illegal mine(s)).

I don’t need to mention about local freedom.

But don’t worry, after few days, everything will be forgotten.

See how “big” and “good” was China with the Olympic Games.

See how proud they must be after the space mission.

And tomorrow, it will be the National Day in China.

So you can expect a wave of proud and patriotism and a total loss of memory…

A loss of memory from any side…

What’s a world…

Not only China is guilty…

Europe is sleeping and dreaming…

America, as usual, you know… What to say?


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One Response

  1. Your words move me a lot. I have same opinions with you. How come there is no country coming out to blame them? It’s just politics, I think,too much business going on right now between these “BIG’ country.
    Everyone will forget everything tomorrow, even Taiwanese.

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