China: Two dead, 1,253 ill from toxic milk

Every day, it’s the same story…

China doesn’t care about its population.

See about the milk powder story… One more… Many sources to explain what is happening…

You could have an easy source HERE.

What can we expect from this kind of country?

I feel so sad for the people living there…

Just read (Italique – in blue, it’s my own comment):

Chinese officials said yesterday that private milk-collecting stations were likely at fault for a rapidly unfolding scandal over tainted infant formula that has left two babies dead and as many as 1,253 ill. Bullshit, you will see later…

The New Zealand partner to the Chinese company Sanlu at the center of the storm went further, saying the contamination amounted to sabotage.

The New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra has a 43 percent stake in Sanlu.

Fonterra chief executive Andrew Ferrier said the contamination was the result of third-party sabotage of raw milk supplied to Sanlu (and hard to believe it comes from the farmers…).

Speaking to New Zealand reporters from Singapore, he said Fonterra had known of the contamination early last month and wanted an immediate recall, but Sanlu had to abide by Chinese rules.

The South China Morning Post and the Sydney Morning Herald said the Central Propaganda Department in Beijing had issued instructions to local media on what were not permissible topics for publication during the Olympics.

On Aug. 14, the Herald published a translation of one of the instructions, which read: “All food safety issues, such as cancer-causing mineral water, is off-limits.”

Beijing only acted after interventions by the New Zealand government last week, as local authorities failed to act.


I am too sick to add more comments.

Shame on the countries and people who are supporting the Chinese way…

Can you imagine?

Killing your own people?



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5 Responses

  1. are you referring to the leader of my “virtual” or “special” country??? yeah what a great country. up for money, care for nothing. that is the great way, the Chinese way.
    for the general public, there is a Chinese old saying: when you cannot see the stain, then it must be clean. so? as long you don’t know, it would not harm you anyway. Great country, great philosophy, eh?

  2. But do you know what Jo? Even with all this fuss, people will forget it… Until the next scandal…

  3. yes, i agree with you
    people here seem to have very short term memory
    maybe it’s the food we eat, which is imported from China
    wow… i believe i’ve just discovered the biggest conspiracy from the other side of the strait…

  4. But do you know what Jo? In Taiwan, authorities said “don’t eat that”… using a technical term… How do they expect we know what is inside the stuff we use to buy? Even very common products in Taiwan don’t have the legal mentions such as the origin…

  5. and guess what this government in Taiwan does to protect people living here???
    when the milk powder was found with the toxic material and was not found in China, what does the brilliant government does for us???
    oh easy easy
    when it comes to China, relax, relax, relax everyone, relax everything
    so the solution is to relax the regulation to meet China’s standard
    (see the news in the link)

    don’t know how to express my angry anymore…

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