Taiwan and Hygiene

A senior CDC (Centers for Disease Control) official reminded the public of the importance of maintaining good hygiene to reduce the risk of spreading enterovirus any further, after CDC reported the nation’s 11th death from enterovirus infection this year — a two-year-old boy in Changhua County.

That is very laughable ( I am not talking of course about the tragedy).

CDC is an governmental structure. Did it ever talk about places run by the government?

If you take the train in Taiwan, it’s better for you to not go to the toilet in the train station.

Smell is awful, it’s dirty and… I don’t remember the last time I saw any soap… EVEN during the SARS crisis!

And this company is of course a state run company…

Shame on them…

MRT (the subway) is the opposite. Whatever the station, I always see people keeping the place clean and I never saw soap missing… But it’s private…

And one more joke: the government is now ranking the toilets in the country…

They want to give lessons?

Clean your place and put soap!

And then maybe you could talk and give advices…

Yeah… let’s talk about hygiene…


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2 Responses

  1. Here in India no use of telling these things to people… They will never follow….

  2. Hi Shiva 🙂 By “people”, do you mean the Indian government or population? Anyway, all this matter is related to education. Provide a good education and you will get the expected result, even though it will take time in poor areas.
    But when you are expecting a minimum of hygiene in public places and the government doesn’t provide it, I consider it’s criminal.

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