Taiwan: About the 6-3-3

I posted several times about the promises during the last presidential campaign, especially about the 6-3-3 from the blue side (the last one is HERE for explanations).

Here is the today editorial cartoon from Taipei Times (good timing):



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4 Responses

  1. so what exactly is this government doing???
    see the news: “Premier Liu Sets Deadline for Execution of Public Construction Projects”
    In Chinese newspaper, Liu said he wanted the money spent by the end of this year, no matter what”.

    End of this year? that is a little bit more than 3 months from now. And all the construction projects should all be under the regulations of government procurement, which ask for a lot of paper work and time for the procedure.

    So now what??? In order to achieve the target of the political party promised, all the regulations and procedures can be disregarded, and the quality of the construction projects can be disregarded as well??? Just spend the money???

    Liu also said that as long as these constructors get the money, they will have the money to spend, which will boost the economy in general. Hmm… really??? what if they don’t spend the money and save the money for the raining day instead??? So they will be the only beneficiary and that is OK???

    It is so obvious that Liu is trying to make the number right for the end of this year. And who will get the benefit out of it??? KMT’s constructor friends, of course!!!

    How can a government keep telling people to spend money to boost the economy??? If the economy is this easy, it would make no difference really whether it’s Ma or a donkey is the president!!! And what is the point to pay so much for those officials???

    I don’t understand at all.

  2. Jo, I am not sure the cabinet really knows about economics. If it does, it doesn’t show it…
    History and theory are very clear about this way to boost the economy.
    But one thing is for sure: some people will get a lot of money but not the one who have been targeted during the campaign.
    It seems that we are back 10 years ago…

  3. Hi fvarga, I think you hit the nail on the head: some people will get a lot of money and those ‘some people’ are likely to be key supporters for the KMT during elections. The KMT has done this for 50 odd years. I don’t think it’s about the cabinet’s level of understanding of economics. Many of them were actually ministers in charge of the economy and the finance before they lost power in 2000. I’m sure they are not that thick.

    Another thing is to the Chinese (in Taiwan or in China), ‘face’ is the most important thing. Just because they have been told by people and by the opposition that money for construction projects is a bad idea and tax refund is the way to go, they are determined to ignore that advice. They are not worried about the economy or the people. The KMT is only concerned about beating their opponent and they do that at all cost (people’s, not theirs, of course).

  4. Hi Claudia 🙂 ,
    You can call me Franck.
    Obviously, you expressed “the point” using a different way, but we agree…
    Good comment too…

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