Taiwan: Joke Or Not?

The new elected president Ma Ying-Jeou made a lot of promises during his campaign (as anyway, any other political people use to).

During a long period of time, the media and the blue side emphasized how bad was the Taiwanese economy.

But as I wrote in the past (for example HERE), economy in Taiwan was not as bad as it was said (for political reasons) and many developed countries would love to have the same figures.

Anyway, you know the power of the media which associated with the fact that people are eager to just believe what they read in the newspaper or watch on their TV, the idea that everything was bad in Taiwan became a commonly shared view.

And now I go to the point.

One promise from the now new elected president was the so called “6-3-3” economy policy.

Huh… what’s that?


  1. Annual GDP growth rate of… 6%
  2. Annual per capita income of… USD30,000
  3. Unemployment rate of less than 3 percent

Who would not love to live (especially now) in a country with such a “beautiful” economy?… Especially given the fact (never emphasized during the presidential campaign) that revenues were (are) not well distributed in Taiwan.

Result? Of course, the big majority voted for the candidate who promised this “6-3-3” and also a TAIEX (Taiwanese stock market index) above 10,000 and even quickly at 20,000 (sic).

And both promises were promoted as “right away”!

So, election is done.

What do we have now?

TAIEX: on March 24 (election) the index was 8,865.35.

The latest session (September 5 – Friday) closed at 6,307.28.

We are quite far from the 20,000! The TAIEX lost 29%!

Oh, but we have the explanation: when the TAIEX was on its way down, the candidate said that he was joking when he mentioned the 20,000…

I don’t remember that it was expressed as a joke…

And about the “6-3-3”, the new elected president apologized twice yesterday for “failing to explain his “6-3-3” economic policy clearly, but argued that he had not broken his campaign promise as his goal of an annual per capita income of US$30,000 had always been targeted for 2016”.

See more HERE.

Let’s put it by this way:

  1. All the presidential campaign expressed the idea that the “change” and “promises” will be right away.
  2. Promises concerning the TAIEX? Oh, you misunderstood, it was a joke.
  3. Promises about the “6-3-3”? Oh you misunderstood. You are supposed to elect me a second time and after 8 years, you will get the promises I made in the past, (even though I presented them as “right away”)

For me, it looks as a joke too…

And beside, do you remember the story about the state affair funds?

And the special allowance funds?

Ma was acquitted earlier this year of charges that he embezzled funds from his special allowance fund during his eight-year term as Taipei mayor…

And today (HERE), Presidential Office Secretary-General Chan Chun-po confirmed a report in yesterday’s Chinese-language Liberty Times (the Taipei Times’ sister newspaper) that President Ma Ying-jeou had used the state affairs fund to pay for a birthday party banquet for former Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) chairman Lien Chan last Saturday.

And the office considers that this expense is normal.

Obviously, it seems that the standards are different according your color…

Or am I wrong?

Or maybe, I just misunderstood 🙂


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8 Responses

  1. Yes, he is innocent. People always misunderstand him. hmm… interesting… Is it because he is bad in communication??? or is it the media who is trying to discredit his name??

    on the other hand, he has expressed that the relation between Taiwan and China is NOT country to country but only “very special” relation. hum… got me again. NOT country to country? What special relation??? What a minute, did he actually ran for the “President of Taiwan” or what??? So what is he now??? I am not an expert in diplomacy, but i’ve never seen a leader treating his own “country” and people like this. He basically has admitted that Taiwan and China are the same country. Disgraceful! Yeah, i guess in this “virtual” country, everything is a joke. You are not really here. You just think you are but you are actually in “China”.

    3 times actually he apologised for his bad communication. Strange thing is it’s the press release from his office in Chinese, saying that the 6-3-3 target would not be reached until the last of his 2nd term, in 2016. And then he blamed the Mexican media for misunderstanding what he said during the interview. Hmm… interesting

  2. Quite clearly you misunderstood. 🙂

    Perhaps he meant 3-3-6. 😉


    Quirky Indian

  3. Hi Jo and Quirky 🙂
    Sorry for my late answer. It’s the first week of the academic semester… Busy as hell 😉
    Yes Jo… He really treats people as they are stupid… But wait… They voted for him, right?
    And about what he said to the Mexican media, are we surprised? Just remember the position and the constitution of the ROC…
    ROC constitution is very clear…
    But people should know it and the blue side should not lie about the cross-straight as he did…
    Now, it’s easy for them to say “hey! that’s the constitution!”
    And beside, do you remember that Ma said he will not be the chairman of the KMT?… It seems that he is on this way now…
    Let’s wait and see…

    Right Quirky! I misunderstood! You are right 🙂
    Or maybe he should say 6-3-3-2012 with Santa Claus 😉

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  5. seriously, i don’t see any characteristic of a political party from KMT.
    They are just a group monkeys with vested interests. They don’t have any principle, any ideal, any faith, any belief and whatsoever that any political party should have. The only thing they all care is how much they can get out of it. That’s what get them together.

    They criticised at whatever Chen did, so now Ma is trying to do the opposite of what Chen did. And only 100 days, you can see that the government has no idea what they are doing. One day they say they will do this; next day they say they will not do it. They have said too much and deliver too little and those government officials are all “very experienced”. Surprise, surprise…

    Nonetheless, I am very glad to see all these are happening. It has shown the real face of this guy, Ma. And I hope others (at least some) will see, too.

  6. Jo: I do wish people will realize what’s going on. But in case they will, what will they do? I have doubt that DPP will even go back to power. Its grassroots are not so “organized”…

  7. hey, stop scaring me
    you are the one who told me to keep hoping, remember?
    you know the Taiwanese, they forget things very quickly
    who knows what will happen next
    maybe we become Chinese before anything happens
    and then…
    i wouldn’t be surprised if Hu comes out of the plane, flying directly from China, and declares Taiwan is back to the “motherland”
    and then what???
    what would/could the U.S. and Japan do???
    would be very interesting…

  8. Hi Jo 🙂
    I didn’t want to scare you.
    But seems you share my point…
    When I wrote keep hoping, I meant even though people used to forget everything so quickly, I still hoped people will move after they realize…
    But yes, I got the same thought than you…
    What can you expect from people who are voting for gang member?…

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