Taiwan: Vice-President and the Economy

According the today Taipei Times (HERE), the Vice-President Vincent Siew said:

Taiwan’s economy is fundamentally sound despite the global economic crisis, although declining confidence is a problem…”

Taiwan’s economy consists [of] the sound foundation of the manufacturing and service industries


It’s not what I remember he used to say during his campaign…

And I don’t remember it was the reason he was elected with the President…

But maybe I am wrong…



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Chinese National Day and Scandals

Since a while, we have scandals involving food or products form China: pet food (with melamine… already), milk powder, toys, furniture (few days ago in France), shoes (same, just few days ago in Italy) and so on…

I don’t need to mention other scandals such as local politician involved in dozen (hundred?) dead because corruption (see the recent story (stories) about the illegal mine(s)).

I don’t need to mention about local freedom.

But don’t worry, after few days, everything will be forgotten.

See how “big” and “good” was China with the Olympic Games.

See how proud they must be after the space mission.

And tomorrow, it will be the National Day in China.

So you can expect a wave of proud and patriotism and a total loss of memory…

A loss of memory from any side…

What’s a world…

Not only China is guilty…

Europe is sleeping and dreaming…

America, as usual, you know… What to say?


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Financial Crisis & Money: Some Questions

Next Tuesday in Hong Kong, the 2008 Sotheby’s autumn auction will be held.

Here is one item (Photo CNA):

A 34.7 carat diamond ring worth an estimated about 7 million USD.

I don’t know…

In one hand, the world financial system is in its biggest trouble since 1929, and in another hand, we still have people able to pay for such a thing…

USD 700 billion bailout plan was rejected (but don’t worry, a new way will come which will not even need the US Congress approval), today (Monday time in US) Stock markets lost wealth about 1 trillion (USD 1,000,000,000,000), and individuals are still able to put that amount of money for a diamond…

Not only able (that we know already…) but ready to…

Sound that money is not lost for everybody…

Don’t misunderstand me. I am for a free economy. But sometimes, I am asking some questions to myself…


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Super Typhoon Jangmi

The eye of the storm is now (10am local time) out of Taiwan. It left the island on its north side.

But the typhoon still covers roughly 80% of the country.

We still have strong rain and wind and most of the cities declared today as a typhoon day (no work).

Wind speed reached 225kmh… So you can imagine the result especially the wind came with heavy rain (1000mm in some areas…).

Have a look:

Large holes are pictured in Provincial Highway 7 in Ilan County’s Tatung Township yesterday. The road was damaged when the Lanyang River overflowed as a result of torrential rains brought on by Super Typhoon Jangmi. (PHOTO: CHIANG CHIH-HSIUNG, TAIPEI TIMES)


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China: Will Airbus Follow the Milk Story?

Airbus SAS, starting its first aircraft assembly today outside Europe, said it may buy up to $1 billion of components from China by 2020, as the world’s most populous nation may need 3,000 planes in the next 20 years.

“We’re already in a steep first year to increase our sourcing” chief executive officer Tom Enders said in a television interview before opening its Tianjin A320 assembly.

“In two years, we’ll triple it, double it again in three, four or five years later.”

Let’s hope passengers won’t get allergy or sick because the components in the cabin…

Let’s hope components will be stronger with better quality than the usual “Made in China” products…

Hope is a free stuff…

Reality is another one…


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Taiwan: Super Typhoon Jangmi

Super Typhoon Jangmi (“rose” in Korean) is the biggest, strongest typhoon hitting Taiwan this year.

He arrived close to the eastern coast at a category 4 power (maximum is 5).

It should make a landing around this afternoon or evening.

Yesterday, torrential rain flooded some area in northern part of Taiwan with 1,000 mm of rain.


With packing wind around 200kmh for now, we don’t know yet how will be the status later.

But today is called typhoon day with a minimal level of public activites.

From today evening, all Taiwan will be affected, but the wind is already very strong in my area (north-west).

… And I am supposed to go to the northeastern part tomorrow…


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China: Xinhua News Agency

China’s leading Xinhua news agency reported the successful flight of the Shenzhou VII hours before the nation’s third-ever manned space mission had even lifted off!!!

Can you believe that? 🙂

Here an example describing in a vivid, blow-by-blow account how the tracking ship was receiving signals from the spacecraft.:

“Changjiang No. 1 has acquired the target,” a tracker was quoted as saying.
“Pressure in the cabin is normal. Oxygen pressure in the cabin is normal,”

Why don’t I feel surprised…

Thanks to Taipei Times HERE.


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