Taiwan: Do Not Expect Too Much

The American position concerning the Taiwanese participation in some international bodies is quite clear and steady, especially when we are talking about the WHA.

But what we are seeing now since 100 days in Taiwan is quite confusing.

The Taiwanese president Ma made many moves toward China and obviously he and his team still call it Mainland. The reason seems obvious.

As far as I know, Ma keeps repeating that the other side shows a lot of good willing, but I did not notice any…

This year, instead of seeking to become a member of the UN, the Ma administration decided to ask only for “meaningful participation” in the activities of UN auxiliary organizations.

Until now, Taiwan tried to become a member of the UN.

Ma and his administration decided to apply this time only to some auxiliary structures, and again, China (or Mainland according your point of view…) say no, repeating that Taiwan is part of China.

So what will be the next move? Apply to the right to handle the copy machines and coffee machines of the UN? It will be denied of course…

And then, apply to the right to take a picture of the building? I think this one could succeed… 🙂

By the way, what was the reaction of the presidential office after China put its veto? Simple: “…Oh, it was predictable…” but Ma administration still talks about Diplomacy truce and blah blah blah.

Not a very efficient way to protect the Taiwanese people interests…

Even US is wondering about the real position of Ma’s administration.

See for example HERE.

In the mean time, Taiwanese economy is getting sick. Where are the so ridiculous promises of Ma, as a candidate?

But they have a way (at least for now) to let Taiwanese people to think about something else: the former president’s case. All the controlled media are focusing on  it now, with the help of some prosecutors offices which are leaking some unfounded (it’s unfounded until evidence are provided and anyway, it’s not supposed to be leaked until the end of the investigation) news.

And obviously, investigation is only on one side. It doesn’t concern all the political spectrum…

Beside all the above stuff… I have some thoughts.

1- Blue side is obviously thinking about some kind (or full) reunification. Do they believe that China will authorize another political party or even share some power? Of course not. So what are the motivations?

2- What if USA sells modern and powerful weapons to Taiwan and then Taiwan give up its stance in favor of China? Simple… These weapons could be used by China…

Think about that…


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4 Responses

  1. First of all, please do not call him “president”. Mr. Ma is good enough for him (so he said).
    Secondly, you really think the Blue side is thinking about keeping their party and sharing power with the communists if reunified? Oh no no no… as long as they can have a piece of something, they don’t care about the party or whatsoever. I think the logic behind all this is that if their effort is recognised by the authority in China, there is a good chance they would get rewarded (for Ma, maybe he would get to keep the position as the leader of Taiwan). I mean certainly those DPPs and the green supporters (e.g. me) will be punished badly, not to mention any reward.
    About the weapons issue, well take a look at Afghanistan. Exactly what happened like you said. So? I believe they would do it again.

  2. You are right Jo, but you forgot the bright side of the situation.
    Next year, Ma’s administration will apply for the right to take a picture of the UN building and… It will be granted!
    What an accomplishment!

  3. oh come on. you have underestimated their accomplishment.
    After reunified, they could say out loud that “we” finally ARE the member of UN, and a BIG one!!! under the name “The People of Republic of China”!!!
    Like they say, being a member of UN is important. Under what name is not important!!!
    This would be a huge accomplishment!!!

  4. What’s a huge one, right Jo! 🙂

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