Work Out: For the Best or the Worst?

After a serious accident (multiple fractures, surgery and blah blah blah), I spent one year for recovering and re-education.

Since one month, I am back to work out (jogging, biking, hiking…).

The beginning was like hell, each muscle of my body asking for a longer vacation 🙂

Anyway, it’s getting better. From 10 minutes the first day, I am able to jog now about 30-40 minutes (roughly 5-6 kilometers). From a 10 push-up series, I use now a 50 push-ups series.

So… Yes… It’s getting better… Except… Last week-end I decided to push a little more my jogging. I started to feel pain on one leg, but anyway, I felt pain from the beginning, one month ago.

Fighting the pain made me improve my physical condition.

So I just decided to forget it, and finish my jogging target.

Result: since 2 days, I feel that I have needles in my knee…

I had some stuff to do yesterday so no way to take a rest.

I stayed home today so the pain is more acceptable. But I already made an appointment later to the hospital to check what is going on…

I am so pissed off and angry against myself.

I should stop before it was getting too serious…

Let’s hope it won’t be a big deal…

Anyway, I am back to my computer, being able to keep roughly a “seat-position”.

Time to check my blogs and comments 🙂


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5 Responses

  1. sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.
    I had problems with my knees(yes, both of them at the same time) years ago.
    was not nice. took me a long time to recover.
    wish you the best with your knee.
    p.s., I also like jogging and hiking. Now I also do yoga. Helps a lot with my knees.

  2. Take care dude… After some time try to do some Gym work…. Then you will feel the difference….

  3. Thanks Jo 🙂
    Hospital told me after X-Ray etc… that jogging belongs now to the past… I can’t do it anymore, including hiking and climbing… 😦
    I will try in the future some hiking again, to see… (I will miss more this activity than jogging) and if any pain, I will stop…
    What is allowed to me is biking…
    It’s the result of many years practicing violent sports and … my age… I am getting old 🙂

    Hi Shiva, thanks too 🙂 But I don’t like gym… 😦

  4. Oh age… yeah, the enemy of everyone, rich or poor
    the advises from the hospital… hmmm…. well
    you know how it goes with those doctors here in Taiwan
    they always tell you not to do this, not to do that
    i don’t know your situation but I met someone who had some serious injuries on his knees caused by the “violent sport” (i.e. football)
    after the operation the doctor told him, of course, no more football, no more running
    and guess what? it happened more than once
    haha… still now, he plays football when he has time
    of course it will take some time to recover
    and good physical therapy helps
    knee supports are essential
    hope the information helps you feel better 😉

  5. I am counting on it Jo, and of course, I will be very cautious when I will try again hiking.
    …But I will have to wait a while because until now, I don’t see any improvement…

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