Olympic Games & Taiwan: Too Much!

On today Taipei Times, we could read: “…Defending Olympic taekwondo champion Chu Mu-yen (朱木炎) and his girlfriend, Yang Shu-chun, (楊淑君) failed in their bids for gold in Beijing yesterday, but Taiwan did not finish empty-handed as Chu grabbed a consolation bronze medal after victory in the repechage…

Of course many expected a gold medal. But still, a bronze medal is already great.

Let’s not forget we are talking of the top world competition!

But then, in the same paper, we could read: “…After the tournament from Beijing, where he was watching his son fight, Chu’s father, Chu Yao-lung (朱耀龍), said: “I would like to apologize to everyone back in Taiwan…

Apologize for what?

For his son to be the third greatest?

I don’t know if his father really said that, but what was written in the newspaper is, for me, too much…


Beside, it is just sport and game…


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2 Responses

  1. Yes you don’t have to question that. Chu also said he felt “duei bu chi” people in Taiwan (i.e. he is sorry, he appologises to the Taiwanese).
    Don’t know if you know about this but when Taiwan lost to China, a lot of people put “National Mourning” on their MSN titles!!!
    What national mourning??? Who died???
    Are we, all of sudden, a nation then?
    I cannot believe how people see the Olympics here in Taiwan.
    Just because it is happening in China, all of sudden, they all care about the sports!!!
    While these athletes paying themselves to go through all the trainings and competitions, I don’t see much of the support from any of them, nor the government.
    How can the Taiwanese expect anything from these athletes??
    Like you said, unbelievable.

  2. Jo, baseball has a special place here in Taiwan. See one documented comment I received from Tim (post about the campaign funds).
    But in the case of taekwondo, it’s even worst: he obtained a medal!
    For the rest, I agree with you Jo.

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