Taiwan: Chen and the Pandora’s Box

Just some thoughts about what is going on concerning the former president and the scandal around the money case.

1- Was not he really aware about the fact that his wife wired the money since so many years? Hard to believe.

2- Obviously, what he did (beside the wire story) was illegal. In someway, he totally betrayed the DPP grassroots.

3- At least, he had the guts to confess the story about the campaign funds. Obviously, other did not do the same…

4- Does the money involved in the case come only from the balance of campaign funds or there are some other “sources” too?

5- For now, we can only talk about facts: one for sure is that at least, the money concerns previous election campaigns. According the daughter of the former president, part of the money was used to fund DPP candidates. They denied, but one (not named by the daughter) confirmed the story and even said that he profited from it (receiving funds from the former president), according today’s Taipei Times.

6- But it seems that all DPP members consider that the only one evil is Chen and about themselves, they are totally clean.

7- It seems that it is very easy to send Chen to the lions (even if what he did was illegal) and let him been the only one guilty. I don’t think it is very fair.

8- Obviously, investigation will be for now and in the future, only on Chen case. That is not fair too. I am sure that many (Green and Blue) did it. I remember a story and legal case involving Soong. Finally, if I well understood, he was only charged for not paying the taxes on the money he wired abroad.

9- So obviously, there is problem with the Taiwanese law. I am not very familiar with the election laws in Taiwan, but if I well understood, one has to declare the spending but not the fundraising. So there is many space for hiding money… And I am sure, many did it…

10- Will the Taiwanese Justice clean all the system or will it just send Chen as the only black sheep to the lions and then close its eyes and let the system continue as usual? In the latter case, there is no hope for the future and the democracy.

11- Obviously, the former president opened one of the biggest Pandora’s box in Taiwanese politics. If the result is to get a clean Taiwanese system, it will be perfect. But I am not so optimistic. It is too easy to have only one guilty. It is too easy to have only one scapegoat.

For sure, more is coming from that case and we will discover more stuff…

Or maybe not…


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10 Responses

  1. Cannot agree with you more.
    Now you see why I am not so optimistic.
    Scapegoat is the game they play.
    But it’s a good lesson for the Taiwanese who wants to play the political game: You’d better watch your back. There is no margin for you to be gray. For the KMT, yes, large margin but NOT for you Taiwanese.

    However, I am still hoping.
    Hoping that Taiwan is going down… down… (down to the China town)…
    Oh, no no no, only a joke, not to the China town
    but down to the bottom where people cannot take it anymore and stand up and say NO to these f*ckers (excuse the language).
    Is it gonna happen?

  2. By the way, the most scary thing for me is how the media affects the whole thing. It’s not just following up the case, but also getting everyone involved. My office watches the news during the lunch and bitch about the Chen family and anyone related.
    People are even talking about being ashame of going to the same school with A-bien or having the same name with him or his wife (what is really the relevance???). And a couple of kids asked A-bien to lend some money to them in front of the media (being taught by the father of course). The whole country is going mental for this news and it seems more like entertainment now, instead of some serious issue to deal with rationally.
    Mad. Mad.
    Maybe I should move to the Philippines soon.
    Really should not watch news in Taiwan at all. Drives me crazy.

  3. Jo, keep your hope, because without hope, nothing is possible.
    Concerning the media, it’s like a hyena.
    See the treatment to the daughter of the former president.
    Beside concerning the media, you know who are behind it…
    And people are so egger to believe what ever is put on the TV or newspaper…

  4. Yes, people with sanity find it disgusting how the media treats the daughter of the former president.
    However, not those in my office. They laugh, with joy.
    People scare me sometimes.
    KMT scares me more. The more I know how they work, the more I believe they are not different from the communists in China.
    No wonder they want to be united. They belong to each other.

  5. There is going to be a big protest on 30 August (fingers crossed). Taiwanese do realise that if we don’t do something now, we will never get another chance, especially after that disgusting KMT chairperson’s performance during the Olympics.

    In fact, there was one on 9 August. But the lovely media (90% pan-Blue) did not run any piece on it. Even Taipei Times didn’t have anything on it. There were at least a few thousand people there that night, asking Ma to stop selling out Taiwan.

  6. Jo, I repeat what I said in previous posts: (from ancient Roma) give bread and games to people, it’s all they need…
    About the Blue side I agree with you and beside, they are really stupid. If Taiwan belongs to China, they will get nothing… No brain… 🙂

    Claudia, frankly speaking, I didn’t know about the August 9 rally…
    Thanks for mentioning it.

  7. Hi fvarga,

    if you are interested in the August 9 demonstration, i wrote a brief summary and put a few photos taken by friends who were there on that day.


    Please look out for the 30 August demonstration as well if you are interested. There’s an article from Dr. Jerome F Keating.


    As to why the KMT is so eager to sell out Taiwan, the reasons behind it are complex, albeit irrational. One can write an article just to analyse the psychology behind it.

    You are right that knowing the nature of CCP, they’ll suck up all the resources in Taiwan and eliminate the KMT in no time. The CCP so far has only allowed one party and there will be no other party. KMT people may or may not believe this because CCP, after years of practice, know how to put on a good front to gain trust.

    Even if the KMT aren’t that gullible, I doubt they care either. Ma Ying-jeou and Secretary General still haven’t offered any firm proof that their US Permanent Residence have been terminated; Diane Lee has not proved that she has given up her US citizenship. Even if Taiwan sinks to the bottom of the sea, those people can be the first to flee to the US.

  8. Right Claudia…
    Thanks for the links. You made a good post.
    …And I just realized you recently created a blog.
    Very interesting posts…

  9. thanks 🙂

  10. You’ve made some good observations as well.

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