China: Again and Again… Against Reporters

The Chinese police brutally manhandled a British journalist on Wednesday in the Olympic area of Beijing.

It’s the last episode of a series of tough barriers against foreign media in China during the Olympics (see AFP HERE).

The facts took place during a pro-Tibetan demonstration, very quickly interrupted by the security forces, less than one kilometer from the national stadium.

Barely after their banner “Free Tibet” were deployed, the militants have been apprehended while a team of British ITN television tried to film the scene.

The journalist John Ray was then dragged ashore by the police to their car before being stopped by force for about twenty minutes in a restaurant, witnesses have indicated to AFP.

“I tried to explain to them that I was a British journalist but they do not let me show them my papers, they were very harsh,” said John Ray to AFP.

“It is for me an aggression, I am very angry,” he added.

The journalist based in Beijing and accredited by the Chinese authorities for the Olympic Games, told he had been “mistreated”, pinned to the ground, pulled his shoes out when he wanted to leave the restaurant where the police held him.

The British Embassy in Beijing expressed its “deep concern” to the Chinese authorities after the incident, said his spokesman David Shaw.

“I wonder how this can be compatible with the solemn commitment of China to leave us free to cover the news during the Olympics”, said John Ray.

The cameraman for ITN Ben England has indicated that he had been brutally prevented from filming the demonstration, police pushing it bluntly.

According to the NGO Students for a Free Tibet, the two militants who had deployed the banner were immediately arrested, along with six other demonstrators. “We do not know their whereabouts,” the organization added.

In recent days, several similar events were held in Beijing, quickly interrupted by the security forces. Foreigners who have participated have been expelled.

Questioned by AFP, the police did not comment.

The incident Wednesday between the ITN team and the police is the latest in a series in China for several weeks, although the authorities have promised the foreign media full freedom to exercise during the Olympics.

The Club of the foreign press in China (FCCC) said in a press release, have counted in the period from August 7 to August 12, five incidents in which the work of foreign reporters had been hindered.

With regard to Mr. Ray, the FCCC Wednesday expressed his “consternation” and demanded an apology from the Chinese authorities.

Keep dreaming…

What “they” say is one point.

What “they” do is another one.

But most of the people believe what “they” say and not what they see or what “they” do.

Anyway, what can you expect?

More locally in Taiwanese news, we can read in the today China Post (HERE):

Accompanied by Jia Qinglin, chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and Chinese officials dealing with Taiwan affairs, political leaders from Taiwan were at the game to root for the Taiwan players at the game.

They included Kuomintang (KMT) Chairman Wu Po-hsiung, KMT Secretary General Wu Den-yi, People First Party Chairman James Soong, and a group of legislators.

Wu was pleased with the outcome of the game. He also reiterated his earlier comments that athletes from Taiwan have the “host team” advantage in the competition in Beijing.

Obviously for him, again and again, China is the “home field”.


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4 Responses

  1. Media should cooperate Varga sir…. Then no way? Because of terrorism problems, it’s happening like this…

  2. We can’t be surprised anymore about China, but it is pretty sad that the world leaders are rolling over and allowing China to bugger them up the arse anyway they want.

    What is scary is that the KMT is now running Taiwan, president Ma might be saying all the right things, but will he have the balls to stand up to the powers who are really running the entire show? I doubt it!

    Maybe we don’t have to worry about China firing those 700 missiles at us. The KMT will probably hand us over on a silver platter.

    The DPP’s Abian had the right idea, and the only reason he failed is because he and his party had to fight the KMT dominated legislature during his entire presidency.

  3. […] fvarga wrote an interesting post today on China: Again and Again… Against Reporters. Here’s a quick excerpt: […]

  4. @ Skincarediyer… Yes, he had the right idea… but the wrong people with him and he used the wrong way… Maybe next time it will be better if any next time…

    @ Selerines: Shiva… Sir, are you saying that you are giving excuses to China about the journalist stuff? Think twice Shiva Sir… Or maybe I misunderstood. You was kidding! Good Joke 🙂

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