Olympic Games: Do Not Use This Picture

A 9 years old kid survivor of the devastating earthquake in China is a sort of modern hero. He escaped a collapsed building carrying an unconscious classmate and then, went back to rescue a second kid.

Yes… 9 years old…

So of course it was not a surprise to see him at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, walking beside the giant basket ball player Yao Ming.

And the following picture became an official picture:


An official picture… for a very short time according The Black and White Cat (do not miss the comments).

Funny point is that I just had a look on the official Xinhua Website where we can still see this picture (for how long?)…

Maybe you could ask: what’s wrong with that picture?

Have a look on the flag the kid is holding: yellow stars are upside-down…

Cheap product made in China, bad quality…

So of course, no way to show it to the world…



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One Response

  1. For their face, China can and will do anything.
    To look good, they put the pretty girl on the stage pretending she was singing while the less pretty but good voice girl sang at the back stage.
    To look good, they added the special effect on the firework show for the live broadcast when the air pollution affected the effect they expected.
    Seriously, a person does that would never earn my respect, nor will a country, no matter how rich they are!

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