WTO: China and Taiwan, A Real Win-Win Election?

Experts from Taiwan and China were elected simultaneously into an influential World Trade Organization group last Thursday, breaking a political deadlock and easing antagonism that had lingered since both became WTO members in 2002.


From today’s Taipei Times – Editorial cartoon –

Lo, a distinguished law professor at National Taiwan University, was first recommended in 2005 to be a member of the PEG (Permanent Group of Exports), but the nomination was blocked by China’s delegation, which questioned Lo’s qualifications. The vacancy has been left open since then.

Taiwan, in turn, did the same last year, but had to give in being under very strong pressure.

Anyway, from outside, it seems that this simultaneous election is a victory.


The term for a PEG member is five years, and the results of the election are retroactive to the time when the vacancy opened. Due to the three-year delay, Lo’s actual term will be shortened to two years.

So Chinese representative will stay 5 years and the Taiwanese’s one… 3 years.

So what do you think?


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  2. I think China is always trying to dominate them till life long…. Too bad….

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