Bush and Taiwan: A Translator Is Needed

American comedians and newspapers loved the 8 years of M. Bush’s presidency.

In fact, he is one of the best to mangling the English language.

Now, in an interview held with Beijing’s official media organizations, he reached new lows in incomprehensibility in explaining his administration’s relations with Taiwan.

Consider this answer in response to a question about what had “surprised” him about Chinese leaders over the past eight years.

Here is THE answer 🙂

I would say that there’s been a … it’s just been interesting to watch I would say that there’s been a — it’s just been interesting to watch, and interesting to participate with people. I mean, the Taiwan issue was a very touchy issue for a while, causing me to say in the Oval Office — that which is now well-chronicled — that the United States does not support a unilateral declaration of independence. Because I wanted to make sure that our message was clear, but also that the relationship was in a way not our relationship, but other’s relationship with China was in a way that it could evolve peacefully and constructively,” the president said.

Wait, it’s not done yet 🙂

At another point, Bush was asked another question and segued to Taiwan.

My only point to you is, is that — or the Taiwan-Chinese relationship and that issue. It’s a very sensitive issue for the Chinese government. And people who study this very closely will see that the issue is in a better place. And I made it abundantly clear that there was some red lines for the United States on this issue, that there would be no unilateral declaration of independence, that our policy was still the same. It’s very important for the president to be very consistent,” he said.


A translator is needed!


Full article from today’s Taipei Times HERE.

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6 Responses

  1. Because of him so many changes are happened here in this country…. No words to express my anger….What to do? Nice post Franck… Why should these countries allow US to involve in their personal matters????

    Any way Happy Friendhsip day my friend…….

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    Myself Ranjith,
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    Shiva. (www.selerines.blogspot.com)
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  3. hahah… I would very much like the translation as well. Then again, i’ve never understand what this monkey says. But try Mr. Ma. I would bet he could provide a thorough monkey point of view for ya. They seem to share the same language.

  4. Because power and money Shiva 🙂

    Hi Ranjith, thank you 🙂 I will.

    Good idea Joanna 🙂

  5. according to the latest news, Mr. Bush is going to address a speech about the cross-strait issue when he visits Thailand later. See if we can understand this time. Looking forward to it.

  6. It seems Jo, that Bush brought his own translator this time… 🙂

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