Dong Yuan Shan – Update

Queen D and me went back to Dong Yuan Shan on July 24th, in view to do some exercises and in the mean time, enjoy the place.

This time, we brought the camera.

In fact, Queen D took it and so, she was in charge of 🙂

So here is the entrance:

As a welcome, here is:

So, if you live in Taoyuan county, you get 50% discount.

It’s my case 🙂

Here is the general map of the area:

The trail is not really muddy (except some parts), given the fact that the trail is made of wood or stone stairs (mostly). Here is the beginning:

Stone stairs now:

The only one time we could have a rest, with something almost flat:

The rest is non-stop climbing.

Finally, we arrived at the top:

Sweating was worthy. Have a look:

On the way down, using a different path:

I look more relax on the way down 🙂

Then, we arrived at the inner road, back to the main entrance:

We sweat as hell, but… whoah!

It is a really, really, really beautiful place.

And the road to the mountain is also great.

Hope you enjoyed 🙂

After a deserved shower, what was waiting for us?


A new Japanese BBQ restaurant in Chungli, where Queen D invited me.



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2 Responses

  1. What we lost in the hiking is what we get from the restaurant,cool,isn’t it! ^_____^

  2. I only ate something very light, such as salad. The picture was in fact your dishes 🙂

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