The President of Taiwan Is Torturing Its Cabinet

China Post today, published one article here, about the cabinet which started today its second day of boot camp at Yangmingshan.

All the cabinet (almost all, because some could not wake up, according the paper 🙂 ) followed the President for some exercises before the meeting…

It must be a torture…

Can you believe that? The President asked its cabinet to make a walk early in the morning.

But wait, it’s not all!

Do you know how long?

3 kilometers.


3 kilometers…

But they are the proud of the country:

Picture from CNA.

So people, you can see that they are not kidding, whatever they are doing. Very efficient:

Do you know how long did it take?

50 minutes…

Not bad…

Almost 17 minutes to walk 1 kilometer…

What a performance!

Almost 2 minutes to walk 100 meters…

I think the President is asking too much from its team…


Anyway, better than nothing…

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