Death Toll Of Tropical Storm-Related Flooding Rises To 13

At least 13 people perished in flooding caused by torrential rains as Tropical Storm Kalmaegi swept across northern Taiwan Friday, according to a casualty report by the National Disaster Response Center.

Although the storm had little impact in the northern part of the country, the moist air currents outside the storm’s radius brought torrential rains that battered central and southern Taiwan, causing serious flash flooding that had not been seen for years.

Kalmaegi brought only mild to moderate wind levels, damage was widespread as it dumped 400mm to 1,000mm of rain on the central and southern areas over the past 24 hours.

In many area, level of water (flood) was above 3 meters.

Eight individuals were reported missing and eight others suffered injuries. Utilities were also interrupted in the hard-hit south.

The tap water supply to some 500,000 households in Tainan County was suspended because of the water’s increasing turbidity.

Another 170,000 households in northern Kaohsiung were also left without clean tap water.


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2 Responses

  1. Too sad… Now whats the situation there Franck?

  2. Center and South are trying to recover now. Will take time and money. But as you know, it’s the typhoon season now… So more flooding may occur… And obviously here, anti-flooding works are quite bad…
    Thanks Shiva for your concern

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