Obama and The New Yorker

On the cover of their July 21st issue of The New Yorker Magazine, a highly controversial cartoon featuring Barack Obama dressed in foreign clothes, and his wife Michelle Obama dressed as a militant radical, both celebrating with their much publicized fist bump in the Oval Office, all in front of a portrait of Osama bin Ladan.

If that is not enough, there is an American flag burning in the fireplace.

This cartoon aparantly was supposed to be a “satirical lampoon of the caricature Senator Obama’s right wing critics have tried to create”

Sure, it is a sort of humor…

Not too far?



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3 Responses

  1. And are all Americans autonomously “biased”? Is our care for our children’s health, well-being and lives just another crazy capitalist hoax? I certainly don’t believe they are! With what Obama has in store for America, I would rather have peace and security for all, not a manchurian candidate democratic leader to please the few and far between into obliterating freedom, democracy, capitalism, education, health and progress from the very map of the human fabric we all partake to comprise. Obama needs to be constantly reminded that his being an enemy to all life is still his being an enemy!!

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  3. I hope that Obama will change the things in America.. But he too very clear in wars and terrorist attacks… Let us see… I am just thinking about the sort of welcome that he is going to receive from American people and from the world too…

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