Hiking in Dong Yuan Shan

During the time my computer was in the service center, Queen D and me went to Dong Yuan Shan for some hiking.

It was not the first time. But that day, we tried a different trail, up to the top.

If you like climbing, you will love it 🙂

Dong Yuan Shan is located in Taoyuan County and its elevation is between 650 and 1,212 meters.

1,212 meters don’t look very high. But when you are climbing, trust me, you will sweat a lot 🙂

This trail is about 4,200 meters long.

It is a pity, we forgot to bring our camera during the hiking.

Anyway, we will go back there because we do love this area. So I will post more later, with for sure, some pictures

The place is really marvelous.

There was a big storm the day we went there, so we made a first stop before arriving at Dong Yuan, in a small place owned by a very kind aboriginal family. We used to go quite often there (but normally, after hiking, on the way back to the world 🙂 )

During the storm, we were enjoying the view, and just getting relax: chatting with the owner (his wife was elected the Peach Queen – it’s a famous area for peach), reading…

The weather, thanks to the area and the rain, was cool.

Queen D was practicing her skills with her camera. I like it.

During my reading, she tried one function of the camera (kind of black and white):

Me, reading:

After a while, the storm stopped, so we drove to the spot.

Air smelled good… So good.

When we arrived at the top, a beautiful surprised was waiting for us.

We were not prepared for it.


Next time, I will show you 🙂

Then, we walked down, and then back to the world…

We stopped the car on the way, near the spot.

Here are some pictures:



Magical place, isn’t it?

Nice Pictures from Queen D.


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