Charter Flights China-Taiwan

Few days ago, operations started for the first direct charter flights between China and Taiwan.

No doubt that if the service is extended in the future, it will save time and money for the passengers.

What is working now: 36 round-trip nonstop charters will fly between cities in Taiwan and China every Friday to Monday.

CNA indicated that on the first day of the operation, a total of 753 Chinese nationals,  including 622 tourists, 31 officials and 60 news reporters and  photographers, arrived in Taiwan on nine flights from China.

I do not want to talk in this post about politics.

I do not want to talk in this post about security (concerns from the military side…).

I do not want to talk about the environmental impact of that.

I do not want to talk about the Taiwanese dreams (at least from some) that these charters flights and Chinese tourists will solve some economics problems in Taiwan.



Maybe, let’s talk about all this money and salvation from these charter flights.

It was one of the key-points during the last presidential election.

Just after the inaugural flights, Taiwanese shopkeepers started even to complain…

Already, and it was just the first day…

Anyway, only the future will allow to see the real effects. But of course, knowing the practices of the tour operators, only few shops will really get something…

Let’s go back to my point: money! 🙂

According to the Taipei Times (today edition – July 7th, 2008), Government (and people?) is/are expecting 60 billion Taiwan dollars (roughly 2 billion USD) per year for the Chinese tourists.

Gosh! That’s a lot of money! 🙂

I am not a professional of that sector, but I just want to try some very simple calculations.

1 – Charters are from Friday to Monday, which means that the maximum stay is 10 days (usually tour operators offer 7nights-8 days, but let’s keep the 10 days).

2 – 36 round trips (both sides) per week-end. So it means that only 18 flights would bring tourists right? (But… it seems that Chinese could only take Chinese airlines, not Taiwanese ones. But… all these round trips concern both sides, including Taiwanese going to China. As an example, from CNA, on the inaugural weekend of the direct cross-strait services, more than 3,500 passengers will fly from Taiwan to China, while 3,000 people will arrive from China).

But let’s consider that all passengers are Chinese… 🙂

3 – So 18 flights, 52 weeks per year, give us a total of 936 flights per year.

4 – Taiwanese government mentions that 3,000 Chinese are allowed to visit Taiwan. 3,000 Chinese per day. But China only allowed 1,000 Chinese per day

1,000 per day = 936,000 Chinese per year (by 10 days).

5 – Taiwan requests from the local tour operators a minimum spending per day (to guarantee some quality) of USD 80. In Europe, Chinese used to spend roughly USD 120 per day. So let’s say that in Taiwan, (exchange rate about 30.50) daily expenses will be between 2, 440 and 3,660 Taiwan dollars.

So for now, only 1,000 Chinese people are allowed by their government to visit Taiwan. Using the above daily expenses, they will bring to Taiwan between 23 and 35 billion Taiwan dollars.

Huh Huh…

We are very far away from the 60 billion announced by “Taiwan” side.

I know what you will say: your daily expenses are “underestimated” 🙂

In view to achieve the 60 billion target, each people (1,000 allowed per day by China) should spend more than 6,400 Taiwan dollars per day, said roughly USD 200 per day!

Almost double what they spent in Europe?

Can you believe it?

And did I mention that among these 18 flights, a lot of Taiwanese are concerned?

So we should divide the money amount by roughly 2.

So, did I made a mistake in my calculations?

Or people are dreaming awake?

What these charter flights will really bring to Taiwan?

How come people could believe this fairy tale?



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3 Responses

  1. Hey that’s cool.. Any way thanks for the information… Keep in touch friend..

  2. I really don’t know how people here can believe in this fairy tale. But i do know that some are just so much in love with Ma so they believe whatever he says. It’s like when you are so much in love with someone, you would believe whatever s/he says even when everyone tells you that s/he is cheating on you.
    The magic of love!!!

  3. @ Jo: It seems that many start to understand…

    Thanks Shiva

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