Taiwan: And What’s About Environment?

Too hot to blog… Yes I know… A very lame excuse 🙂

Anyway, I went across a Taiwanese news 2 or 3 days ago.

When DPP canceled the nuclear plant project (about 7 or 8 years ago), KMT of course disagreed… But not for the same reason of course…

Ah… politics… money… power…

Anyway, can we still rely on coal and oil? I don’t think so.

A state run company, Taipower (you can guess its activity from the name) just received a conditional green light pending drastic carbon-offsetting measures.

This company is planing to extend one of its plant and the EPA says OK.

For sure we need power and the demand is increasing.

But how Taipower got its semi-approval?

The decision was based upon the case subcommittee’s recommendation on June 6 that Taipower could get the new generators if it could plant 1 million trees in Taipei County.

It’s very funny.

I made a very simple (stupid?) calculation. Roughly, one tree needs about 10 squared meters.

So, one million trees should need 1,000 (one thousand) hectares (10 million squared meters).

Where do you plan to find this kind of space?

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6 Responses

  1. Ha. What’s about environment for KMT?? I had the chance meeting the major guy next to Ma before the election in a close-door meeting and it goes like this:
    Of course KMT would continue the nuclear power plant. we need power. Since the French is doing it, It must be safe. What about the nuclear waste? We’ll dig a hole in a desert somewhere in CHINA. It’s all been arranged. What about our environmental policy? Well, yes of course environment is an issue but too bad no body really cares about it. I mean there are other bigger issues, like economy, and elections and we cannot ignore these, either. so…

    and the trees… yes they are going to plant them. doesn’t have to be in Taiwan since global warming doesn’t exclude anyone anywhere.

    What a great government, eh?

  2. Even if nuclear power is not perfect, I still favor it, being more clean than others.
    So according the man during your meeting: “no body really cares about environment…”.
    It is a very lame comment from him…
    Especially we know that in fact it is the government which doesn’t really care about environmentalists…
    I just read the story about the Suhao Highway…

  3. Demand is so much every where…. What to do? Why not you try to get power from natural resources like Germans? Don’t ask me why not we people try it.. Because its not possible to do it here…. Hmmm…

  4. again, the Suhao Highway is the prove how the KMT government thinks about the environment. For them, humans are always the top priority. Environment?! Sorry, they don’t vote.
    If they really care about drivers’ safety and the transportation issue in Hualien so much as they claim, they should had improved the railway system years ago.
    Again it’s all about money and votes. My brother is one of them who voted for Ma and expects to get the project going coz he works for the contraction engineering company that is going to build that highway.
    How sweet is that!!!

  5. German are thinking about going back to nuclear plants…
    In Taiwan, there are wind plants but more than 50% are lack of spare parts or maintenance…
    Anyway, one big question is what is needed to create energy and what is the amount of energy created by the mean.
    For most of the so called “natural” sources, we need more input that the output generated…
    Of course it could change in the future, but for now…

  6. Yes, Jo, how “sweet” is that.
    why it does not surprise us?

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