Taiwan – China: Something I Don’t Understand

Everyone knows about the meaning of Formosa.

And for sure, Taiwan is a beautiful country.

No doubt.

Each time I am visiting a new place or even going back to a same spot (for hiking for example), I am always amazed by the beauty of the landscape.

But I also remember a lot of comments and articles on the local forums or news paper about tourism. Obviously at that time, the cabinet did not seem to show any strong willing to develop a strategy for that services industry.

But since now cross-straight tourism will be allowed starting from July, we can notice some strange announcements.

For example, the actual cabinet is devising measures to upgrade services for Chinese tourists. See for example HERE or HERE.

What does it mean?

Other tourists do not deserve an upgraded service?

Other tourists are not very important?

The related inflows were not so insignificant until now, right?

Besides, on the today Taipei Times, some local officials want to push the Falun Gong to leave the tourist place they used to protest.

What is the main reason?

Because they are on a tourist spot?


The point is to satisfy future Chinese tourists and avoid any clash with them.

I do believe it is good that more Chinese tourists are allowed to visit Taiwan. It could improve mutual understanding between people.

But what I just mentioned before, could mislead foreign visitors, letting them think that Taiwan is abandoning its core value.

I don’t get the logic of that.

Any idea? (even if of course, anyone has already an obvious answer… 🙂 )

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6 Responses

  1. This is too bad.. Why this partiality? How it will attract the tourists? Never!!!!!

  2. … Political story, Shiva…
    Yes, it is bad.
    Where are we going?
    People are afraid to already know it…

  3. well, for this short-sighted government, as long as there is money, they will go for it. From my experience, the KMT (or those mainlanders) never think Taiwan is a beautiful island. I even met a high rank government official asking me why I think Taiwan is beautiful and where the beautiful sites are. Shameful really.
    It wasn’t until the DPP was in power when the government started to promote Taiwan as a tourist destination in the international market. Sigh… but what can I say? Most of the people on this island are also short-sighted. They want to see the money, NOW!

  4. Jo: One can only agree with this strong willing here to have the money now… NOW!
    Besides, where is the strategy to develop tourism here? The target is from the promised 3,000 to 10,000 (at least) per day… Per day… Words are failing me…
    It seems that the main area which is attracting more is around Sun Moon Lake.
    Not enough hotels, not enough service…
    And build more hotels everywhere… Do people think about the environmental impact?
    Yes, short-sighted people…
    Quality is better than quantity.
    But an island (as Taiwan) cannot afford quantity…

  5. I totally agree with you. And no, they don’t think about the environment at all. No strategy, no planning. Again money is everything, even only for NOW. Yes, unfortunately, more than 7 million people are THAT short-sighted.
    Too bad, but true.

  6. I agree Jo, too bad…
    By the way, the story about Mandarine Airlines is the biggest joke. Fortunately, the company succeeded to cancel the flight 🙂

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