About Taiwan and Japan

On June 18, 2008, President Ma Ying-jeou was interviewed by Keith Bradsher and Edward Wong of The New York Times, and Leonard M. Apcar of The International Herald Tribune.

Near the end of the article, they talked about Taiwan-Japan

The President of Taiwan, Mr. Ma cited the accomplishments that Koh Sekai had achieved without mentioning his name.

Have a look:

NYT/IHT: Can I ask you to switch just for a moment to Japan and relations with Japan in the wake of the recent incident in the last week or so? How can you repair relations here? How to expect the two countries to deal with each other? What has to happen first?

President Ma: Our relations with Japan? Well, in the last couple of years we have been able to come to terms with Japan on the abolition of visa requirements [of] the residents of the two countries [traveling to the other country]. And our residents [also] obtain [ed Japanese] recognition of their drivers license. Those are quite important to travelers between the two sides and that [has] also contributed to the increase of tourist to and from Taiwan. Last year, I think, 1.28 million Taiwanese tourists went to Japan, whereas 1.12 million tourists from Japan came to Taiwan. Both were record highs. And then we are working on other exchanges with Japan as well, so both sides are determined to promote more exchanges.

Almost word for word, President Ma has said what Koh Sekai had stated. (see my previous post, mentioning the interview he gave in Taiwan).

I think you remember the treatment provided to Mr. Koh Sekai, pushing him to resign…

To read the full article from the New York Times, go HERE (edited transcript of the interview provided by the Taiwanese Government Information Office to the NY Times).

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