So Much Ado For Nothing: A Taiwanese Shakespearian Story

Finally, it seems that all the mess and noise following the Diaoyutai islands “crisis” are touching an “intermediate” final point.

The President of Taiwan finally (about 10 days after the events…) spoke and agreed with the Japanese side to manage the situation using a more peaceful way.

Anyway, I don’t think people will forget all the damages.

Firstly, it doesn’t matter how the Taiwanese captain of the fishing boat was (on a legal point of view) wrong. He did not deserve the treatment inflicted by the Japanese vessel. Nothing could justify to risk by this way the life of human been. Fortunately, nobody was really hurt (I mean physically).

Secondly, the Taiwanese captain was wrong to risk the life of his passengers, crew and of course his own’s one.

But I can’t stop myself to ask: “what was his purpose?”, “why did he do that?”

Then as you know, it was the “mess”. People even succeeded to put in the mouth of the new Prime Minister, the word of war. Can you imagine that?

Even the government joined the trend, by putting in the first line, the envoy in Japan.

He too, did not deserve the treatment, all the humiliation, threats and insults he had to suffer from.

You can read his own point of view here.

Very informative if you read between the lines.

But maybe some had some reasons to act by this way.

Maybe some will get profit from that and the fact that a new envoy will have to be chosen.

Maybe all the story was on purpose transformed into a dramatic event.

Maybe I think too much?

Anyway, it seems now that the “big balloon” disappeared.

And magically the legal facts are pointing out.

According today’s news:

Coast Guard Administration Director-General Wang Chin-wang (王進旺) said the owner of the fishing boat that sank on Tuesday last week would be fined between NT$30,000 and NT$150,000 (US$5,000).

Tourism fishing boats must stay within 24 nautical miles (44.4km) of the coast.

“Obviously the boat had crossed that line when the incident took place,” Wang said.

Will he ask to the Japanese side to compensate it too? – Sorry, bad joke… 🙂

If Taiwan did not recall his envoy like that, won’t he be able to obtain a more fair compensation?

I am sure we will not hear too much about that story after few days or week.

As usual…

So much ado for nothing…

Would Shakespeare say so much noise for nothing?


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