Responsibility of the Media: "Family" Business?

In France, when a reporter is a spouse of a political figure, the journalist is usually asked to not be involved in election processes or to any activity which could raise questions about his/her independent point of view.

In Taiwan, everyone knows that the media has not any real deontology.

This morning on the online version of Taipei Times, I saw this picture:


KMT caucus whip Lin Yi-shih, left, is interviewed by his reporter wife Peng Ai-chia, right, and other reporters at the legislature yesterday.

I bet that the subject was about the Diaoyutai islands crisis.

All external observers agree to say that the way Taiwan is handling the case is irresponsible and the fact that they humiliated the envoy in Japan is ridiculous.

Legislators (helped by the Ministry of Defense) are preparing naval ships to go to this area.

I thought only the President could make that decision. Naval vessels could be understood as an aggressive move by others.

By the way, the event occurred a while ago, more than 10 days…

I don’t remember that the President made any comments on this subject. But I suppose that China is satisfied.

Neither on the farmers difficulties, flooding area, gas price, fertilizer cost, inflation, children safety endangered by an epidemic (only at the local level some decisions have been made).

This silence is very… noisy…

But of course, no efforts are spared about the charters between China and Taiwan. All media are rushing on it.

Everyone seems to believe that it is normal to open 2 Taiwanese airports linked to military facilities.

Everyone seems to believe that it is normal that China only opened 5 airports and Taiwan…8.

Everyone seems to believe that these charter flights will improve significantly the Taiwanese economy.

The benefit will be only marginal.

More important should have been to link this negotiation with the cargo services.

If I don’t make any mistake, this round will be on October.

But I am sure that it won’t be easy.

Firstly, cargo industry is much more stronger in Taiwan than in China.

Secondly, most of the cargo uses is to send components to be assembled in China. China will push Taiwan to transfer the technology there instead to allow a full cargo service.

I feel a little bit confused: who is ruling the country? The president and the government under the supervision of the legislature or a political party?

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3 Responses

  1. I think the new government is way too much toward China and has forgotten our national security should be put in the first place. Pathetically we can’t do anything because the new gov and KMT party control the congress and almost all major media’s support. We have to wait another election but I can’t imagine how bad my country will become in next four years….

    BTW, I like your blog. It gives me a different view of my country. Cheers!

  2. very good. i’m taiwanese, but i didn’t even know that they were husband and wife, not until i read your blog.

  3. Traven99: Yes you are right… Not even mentioning about dignity and respect – see my next post. Thank you for your nice comments 🙂 Cheers

    Joseph: Me either 🙂 But we knows about media here…

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