Black Watermelon in Japan

What do you know about watermelon?

I know there are several kind of, but the most common at least for me, is green outside, red inside, with a lot of seeds and taste delicious during the season especially if it is chilled.

Price in the market is usually very reasonable especially here in Taiwan.

Anyway as usual, Japan is always out of possible comparison.

Their fruits are always perfect in shape, color and taste but also… damned expensive!

Have you heard about the black watermelon?

Don’t feel shame… me neither 🙂

… until an auction few days ago in northern Japan.

Here is the winner:


This black baby was sold at a record price of JPY 650,000 (about USD 5,400!!!).

It makes certainly the most expensive watermelon in this world.

The eight-kilogram (with a value of USD 675 per kg) premium Densuke watermelon, one of only 65 from the first harvest of the season, was purchased by a marine products dealer. The fruit is grown only on the northern island of Hokkaido.

In Japan melons are a luxury item commonly given as gifts. This watermelon’s hefty price tag follows another jaw-dropping auction last month, where a pair of Yubari cantaloupe melons sold for a record ¥2.5 million (USD 20,600).

For seasonal, high-end fruits like the Densuke watermelon and the Yubari cantaloupes, Japanese buyers are often willing to pay top prices at auction for the prestige of owning the very first ones of the year.

Unseasonably warm weather in April and May have helped boost sugar content and overall quality, and consequently prices, of the 2008 watermelons.

Most Densuke watermelons will retail at department stores and supermarkets for a more modest price tag: between USD 165 and USD 250. Still, no so cheap, right?


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2 Responses

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