China, Olympic Games and Pollution

A lot of promises were made by China before the country obtained the right to handle the 2008 Summer Olympic Games: from more freedom (but people know about the reality: Tibet, police fighting after the parents of the kids killed during the last earthquake, journalists etc, etc and etc) to less pollution.

People believe what they want to believe.

China is a big power and a big potential market… Do we need to write more?

By the way, what’s about pollution and the promises of a clear air and sky?

Here is a picture shot yesterday over Beijing (Source: A.F.) and published HERE.

NO, it is not a problem from the camera.

We can see a hazy and polluted morning.

May we remind that Olympic Games are just 60 days from now?

Will the athletes wear masks?

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2 Responses

  1. Hi friend i added your blog into mine… Kindly add mine into yours.. Keep in touch.

    It’s really a sad thing to see this picture. I don’t what may be the correct solution for this problem. I think it’s really hard to get rid off this. There is no cooperation from he public. So it’s not possible to get a exact solution for this. Surely nature will answer us on one day. By that time this world will realize it.

  2. Correction : I don’t know what may be the correct solution for this problem.

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