China: Massive Evacuations of Residents to Avoid a New Disaster

The mass evacuations of population continues in the south-west China at the risk of rupture of dams, more than two weeks after the earthquake that claimed at least 88,000 dead and missing.

The authorities have decided to evacuate before midnight Tuesday some 80,000 people threatened by the rupture of a natural dam that was formed as a result of landslides in Tangjiashan, and retains a precarious 130 million cubic meters of water Jian’s river.

If the dam made of earth and boulders had to drop out of control, 1.3 million people are expected to be evacuated of emergency in the city of Mianyang, reported the Chinese media.

Without achieving this extreme measure, the authorities have already decided to move a total of 158,000 people for their operation controlled drainage of the river Jian.

Nearly 2,000 soldiers went on foot into the mountains to open a breach in a controlled way in the natural dam, but he was unsure whether use of explosives carried with them and that may trigger further landslides in this valley.

Bulldozers were also helicopter on the site.

In total, the earthquake of May 12 has created 35 natural lakes restraint, by definition, unstable and threatening to people living downstream.

The official toll earthquake, still provisional, grew Tuesday with 67,183 confirmed dead and 20,790 missing. The previous record of reported Monday confirmed 65,080 dead and 23,150 missing.

The number of injured stands at 361,822, “said Guo Weimin, the government spokesman.

From the authorities’ own point of view, the chances of finding survivors now take a miracle.

More than two weeks after this earthquake, the deadliest since 32 years in China, efforts will now focus on helping disaster victims and care of wounded.

The risk now is epidemics.

The government spokesman said that 15 million people should be relocated, adding that 45 million in total were affected, the vast majority in the province of Sichuan.

International aid has significantly increased in recent days, particularly in the medical field. After the after-shock on Sunday that left at least 8 dead and destroyed 70,000 houses, France announced Monday evening the delivery of a third aircraft loaded with 33 tons of humanitarian aid.

Tuesday, new aftershocks have occurred with the highest, estimated at 5.7 on the Richter scale by the Office of Chinese earthquakes, shook the province of Shaanxi, north-east of Sichuan.


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