Taroko Gorge – Part Two

After a wonderful breakfast (the buffet could accommodate any taste!), we were ready for our one day tour.

It started around 08:30 and finished about 16:30 ; the lunch (as water for the tour) is included at a total price tag of TWD 1,200 per person (beer is not included but the price was very reasonable: TWD 65 for a 600cc bottle of the delicious Taiwanese beer 🙂 ).

6 people joined the tour, so a small bus was enough.

The tour guide was surprised I was talking to the driver: he was the one who drove us from Hualien train station to the hotel the previous day. A very nice man (the tour guide too) even though a little bit shy.

The tour guide could speak some English (let’s say some words but still enough to communicate) and he explained that the driver is an aboriginal as himself (in fact his mother is). this guy is very funny.

He told us that the name of the driver is (not sure how to spell but the sound is exactly the same) “honey” and his own name is “sorry” (long story to explain why here – but his English name is Daniel).

So you could imagine the fun I had with them, calling them “sorry honey” 🙂

I was lucky the tour guide had the sense of humor because he looked quite strong, right? 🙂 :


Before we started, he gave us some advices. I just remember 2 of them: take care, VERY care, with snakes and killing bees. The later one is a big monster. I saw some before: quite big, with some brown stains and a dangerous venom (did I mentioned we call that killing bee?).

During our stay, we met some other species but fortunately not these ones 🙂 (pictures of a strange encounter will come later).

Anyway, the most important advice is to be cautious about falling rocks or stones. The view is really amazing as you will see with the coming pictures but I was quite impressed with the damages caused by falling rocks. Even the road are some times so tiny because one side was destroyed and if you are like me suffering of vertigo, you will be VERY cautious 🙂

So we started with the first stop: a suspended bridge (a lot in Taroko – S**t I hate height) constructed by the Japanese when they occupied the country. Then entrance is very (very) low. Have a look and beside you can see it is quite high…




Did I mention to you that this stupid bridge did not stop to shake as I was walking on it?

This beginning of the tour was really impressive. so beautiful!

Next post will be about Skadang trail.


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