Taroko Gorge – Part One

To celebrate my birthday (a special milestone, but I don’t want to talk about it 🙂 ), Queen D organized a short trip to Taroko Gorges, situated on the eastern part of Taiwan.

The name Taroko comes from a tribe who resides there: Truku (romanized as Taroko, Sediq, Seejiq or Seediq). This tribe was officially recognized by the Taiwanese government in 2004 as the 12th aboriginal tribe in Taiwan. The Truku / Sediq are classified in the Attayal group. Further and separately, Sediq was recognized as a tribe on 2008 (2 days before my birthday!), the 14th to receive such recognition.

The name of the area, Taroko, means the “magnificent and beautiful”.

Funny story is that the name of the place is not dissimilar to how Taiwan, “Formosa”, got its name:

Long ago a man of the Truku aboriginal tribe saw the beauty of the azure Pacific when he walked out of the gorge. Astonished by the elegance of the scene, he cried: “Taroko!”. And so it became the name of the place!

Let’s believe the legend 🙂

We took the train from Taipei for a destination to Hualien.


To go there, we took a special train: the “Taroko train”. It’s very comfortable and remind me in some way the high speed train.

It took us about 2 hours and 20 minutes to arrive in Hualien.

A shuttle bus from the hotel was waiting for us and we arrived after one hour (the view, on the way was already amazing) in the Grand Formosa Taroko, a five star hotel. A nice place to stay. Here are some pictures of the room:

After a short walk around the hotel, we came back to enjoy a drink before the diner.

We went to sleep quite early around 23:00 because we book a one day tour for the next day. Beside, time went so fast: we arrived mid of the afternoon to check in and… it was already the evening…

I could not wait to visit what we started to enjoy on the way to the hotel.

Next post will be about the first day tour.


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