How USA is Leading the World

Happy Monday to you, my fellow working chumps. Before you start counting the minutes until you can go to sleep (yes, it’s about 23:00 here in Taiwan), take a moment to catch up on the buzz you might have missed this weekend.

You think it’s about economy?

You think it’s about environment?

You think it’s about Tibet?

You think it’s about the mess in Africa?

Hum… Not exactly. Have a look on what American people chose according “The Buzz Log” from Mike Krumboltz.

A new Miss USA is crowned.

Crystle Stewart, a 26-year-old Texan, beat out 50 other contestants to become the new Miss USA. Though some may claim beauty pageants are old fashioned, buzz on the event indicates they’re as hot as ever. This article from Yahoo! TV was the most buzzed post of the weekend and searches on Ms. Stewart surged into our top 500 overall terms. Congratulations, Crystle! You won on stage and online.

Ivana Trump marries… again.

Ivana Trump, former wife of earth’s tackiest man, pledged her undying love the fourth time this weekend. An article from People magazine covered the event in exhausting detail, and noted that “the Donald” was among the 500 guests. Lookups on Ivana jumped an astounding 1,928% and related searches on “ivana trump wedding” and “ivana trump pictures” also skyrocketed. Despite the interest in all things Ivana, some folks were more intrigued by her new hubby. Queries on Rossano Rubicondi jumped 2,271%. So much for the wedding being all about the bride.

By the way, I checked, she is 60 and he is.. 35. No comment.

Why I don’t feel surprised?

Even the US State Head about foreign affairs during an interview about Tibet, messed up, using “Nepal” instead of Tibet 5 (yes, five!) times.

And they are leading the world?



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