Get The Wall Street Journal Online For Free

No doubt that the WSJ is a good source when we are talking about Corporate Finance, Investment or Financial Markets even though it’s not the only one.

But the problem is that whenever I refer to articles in the Wall Street Journal to my students, not having a subscription, they can’t read the full paper, only a short version been available.

Maybe there is a way by using a spoofing function.

If like me, you are using Firefox, just install refspoof.

Then, when going to the WSJ online, use as the spoofed address. This makes it look to the WSJ site like you’re coming from Digg.

When you’ve installed that app, you’ll see a new toolbar in Firefox that looks like this:

Now follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. In the refspoof toolbar’s “spoof:” field, type “”
  3. Also in the refspoof toolbar, click the R icon, and select “static referrer.”
  4. That’s it. Click around the site; the WSJ thinks each click is coming from Digg. The WSJ is now yours for free!

Digg or Google News have a direct (and free) access, in view to provide to their readers the full article.

Using this way, avoids you to go to Digg and then read the article.

Thanks to Machinist



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