Taiwan is so Beautiful! See the Pictures!


Last week end I visited in Taipei the new born baby (almost 1 month – see his picture HERE). His name is chosen now: Yu Lin. The meaning is fire and water because the fortune teller said that when he was born, he was lack of these two elements.

Then I was invited on Sunday evening by his grand father who introduced for the first time the baby to his friends: the diner was wonderful and the whisky too 🙂

Next day, Queen D and me went to a place after Miaoli (midway between Chungli and Taichung). It is situated in Nanjhuang township.

It was the first time for me to visit there.

I was so impressed by the beauty of the area. But it is not easy to go there: the mountain road is time to time destroyed and below, there is nothing… So you can imagine…

Anyway, when we arrived, we walked on the historical trail but before we had to pass a suspended bridge (30 meters above the stream – Did I mentioned to you I am sick with the height?)

I forgot my camera (don’t say… I know…) so I used my phone to make the pictures.

Here are some:

First, 2 views of the famous bridge:


Then some views at the beginning of the trail, before passing the suspended bridge:


And then some views shot from the trail after the bridge, on the other side of the mountain:




Because the time, we could not walk all around the historical trail. So for sure, we will be back.

On the way back, we stopped in a new place, constructed by aboriginal people (house made of wood). They have a very good coffee machine and the people are so friendly. Almost no visitors so they had more time to take care of us.

They sell some local made products. We bought a small jar of honey. Delicious 🙂

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