EEE PC: The Old One and The New One

So much ado about this little small tiny computer.

But frankly speaking, it’s worthy to have a look on it.

We can say the computer world is divided now into 2 periods: “before” and “after” the launch of this ultra-portable notebook.

Some even compare it in some extend, to the Ipod phenomenon.

Queen D bought one and I could play around with it (not too long because she is very jealous 😉 ).

Obviously, it is a very good piece of art not only intended to the no-computer-literates, but also for people who own already a PC or a MAC and just need something small, light and reliable (thanks to its flash disk) when they are commuting or traveling (not mentioning the ultra fast boot time).

The OS is based on a version of GNL Linux, but it is totally transparent for the user if his/her purpose is just using “office” apps (OpenOffice), watching a movie, listening musing or surfing Internet.

But still, some functions I used to enjoy on a Windows based PC do not work on the EEE.

The solution is to migrate the EEE to the Windows OS. It could be done by the user if he/she has enough knowledge of the Microsoft OS (what to keep or not because the hard disk’s capacity) otherwise my advice is to ask to ASUS to do it.

I just discovered this morning a Website totally devoted to this computer. It is HERE.

The authors are describing the new version of the EEE PC: the Eee PC 900, with a larger screen (8.9″), higher resolution (1024 x 600), more RAM (1 Giga) and storage (12 Giga).

It should be priced (according what I could read from the CeBIT reports) around 400 Euro (roughly TWD 19,000) and on the shelves the coming summer.

The Website Engadget is publishing a picture of this new jewelry shot in the booth of ASUS at CeBIT. Both Linux and WinXP were running on it.


But I believe that if the real price is around USD 500 (TWD 15,000), no doubt, it will be the hottest cake around.

At USD 600 (TWD 18,000), it will be the maximum price tag to make it one of the most popular computers.

Above, it will be hard to compete against existing ultra-portables and the ones announced by some big names (HP…)


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