Bill Gates: End of 13 Years of Reign

Bill Gates gave his title of the richest man in the world to Warren Buffett.

After 13 years of a reign without sharing, co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates has ceded his title of the richest man in the world to partner his compatriot and philanthropist Warren Buffett, according to the latest Forbes ranking of billionaires on the planet.

The top three of the world’s great fortunes is the same as last year, but in an unpublished order.

Warren Buffett, 77 years old and accustomed to the top three in several years, accesses for the first time at the place of honor, having increased in one year from $ 10 billion fortune, estimated at 62 billion, according to the annual ranking Forbes magazine published Wednesday.

Bill Gates, with a fortune estimated at 58 billion, was downgraded in 3rd place, just to have increased by “only” 2 billion a year to the next, where the Mexican telecom magnate Carlos Slim has made hers grow from 11 billion to 60 billion dollars, and comes in 2nd place.

Obviously Bill, nothing is forever 🙂

Anyway, soon or later even the first two will loose their rank, with India, Russia and China running very fast.

Wait… Did you say China? The communist country?

Yeah… China provides 42 members to the Forbes 500…


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