A New Way about WebPage



We’ve all used disposable email addresses, where you get a real address that you don’t intend to ever use.

Sign up for access to a website, but don’t really want to have your address given to every spammer out there? Get a disposable address—a one-time address that you don’t need to have hang around forever.

Here’s a way to get a disposable web page. With disposableWebPage, you can create a web page that won’t hang around forever.

Just create your page, and you’re up and running.

All pages will go away after 90 days or less, so they’re ideal for projects or other collaboration, where you need to get your info out there, but don’t want to go through the hassle of the care and feeding of a “real” website.

With an Editor Key, others can edit the page as well, making it an easy way for bunches of people to work together on your project.

A revision history keeps track of who added what to the page. Upload up to five photos to help tell your story.

The rich text editor means you don’t have to be an HTML geek to get your page going.

disposableWebPage is a free online service. It should be compatible with most modern web browsers.

I am thinking to use it for some communication purposes with my students…

Here is my Disposable WebPage 🙂

To enjoy the tool, go HERE


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