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Queen D has one more member in her family. The guilty one? Her brother who became the happy daddy of a little boy.

For a first attempt, congratulations! See below how cute he is 🙂

He was born on February 20.

This picture was shot by the hospital nurse.

It is not the first baby in her family: the sister of Queen D (and so of the daddy of this cute little boy) is the mother of a sweet little girl, Emma (shame on me, I forgot her age; I think around 8 or 10 years old).

The funny thing is that when I received this picture this morning, I rotated it to see which version I will choose to keep (finally the original’s one 🙂 ); I was so surprised to realize that the smile of this little boy is exactly the same than the smile of his cousin, Emma!

His name is not decided yet the process, as usual in Taiwan, taking several days.

I had no time to visit him, but I will soon 🙂

Do his fists mean:

Don’t mess with me otherwise I will punch you


Where is my milk? Better I get it right away otherwise…



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3 Responses

  1. I agree with you! His mouth is like Emma.^_____^

  2. […] week end I visited in Taipei the new born baby (almost 1 month – see his picture HERE). His name is chosen now: Yu Lin. The meaning is fire and water because the fortune teller said […]

  3. […] the way, do you remember the picture of her cousin born few weeks ago? (his picture is HERE) I said his smile is like […]

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