It’s so cold…

Since a while, it’s so cold here (at least  northern part of Taiwan and for sure in my place…) and humidity solves nothing 😦

This morning I am thinking about a very hot genuine chocolate (not the one we could find in Starbucks), even though I always start my day with black coffee.

But what is better to be in a cozy place, enjoying reading a good book with a wonderful hot chocolate?

I am remembering a tea shop in Paris, certainly one of the most famous (the most famous?), located near the "Jardin des Tuileries", rue de Rivoli: the Angelina.

Just the name makes you dreaming 🙂

Here are some pictures:


For the breakfast (I can see you mouth from here :-)):

Another view from the main area (created by an Austrian in 1903 and named after his daughter):

And here comes the best part: the "Mont-Blanc", a kind of cookie (Meringue with chestnut cream, and the African hot chocolate. Two delicacies loved by people who are coming from all around the world…

I start to feel better now 🙂


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