In which world are we living?

Since Takayama, I was quite busy with some stuff which explains why (again) I did not update my blog. Or is it a (too)simple excuse?

Anyway, see for example today: I spent a big part of the day to handle my fridge which let me down. In some cooler countries, it won’t be an urgent deal. But here, even though it is not so hot since few days, it is still a concern.

So I had to clean to avoid the smell. 15 hours (late evening plus a night) were enough to create a mess.

You have no idea of what we have in a fridge. I threw away the equivalent of 3 big bags. Finally, I did not lose too much food. Volume was made mostly by bottle of sauce etc.

I read an article today on China Post quite funny. I even needed to read it twice to be sure I well understood.

It is an interview with Donald Tsang, the leader of Hong Kong concerning the desire of democracy.

Here is an excerpt:

“…If we go to the extreme, you have the cultural revolution for instance in China, where people take everything into their hands, then you cannot govern the place,” Tsang said.

The chaotic Cultural Revolution instigated by China’s late paramount leader Mao Zedong, mobilized radical youth in political campaigns marked by purges, jailings, killings and suicides.

“But the Cultural Revolution wasn’t really an extreme example of democracy was it?,” the radio presenter asked Tsang, to which he replied:

“(It) was the people taking power into their own hands. Now this is what you mean by democracy if you take it to the full swing,” he added….”

You can read it twice, as me. You will get the same result.

Do we need to comment that?

Especially after the list of the richest people in China was just published by Hurun? See Rue 89.

The richest is a woman, 26 years old. Her activity is in real estate (yes I know, thanks to her daddy). Beside, she just married the son of one North-East province chief.

About statistics, there were 15 billionaires last year in China. Now there are 106.

Does it make you surprised too?

As the above interview, no comment.